Bruce Company was founded in February 2011. Although a new name in the Puget Sound region, the formation of this company has been a goal of Brian Bruce since leaving Baugh Construction in 2004. Baugh was thought of as the platinum standard for commercial contractors in this area. We intend to emulate the environment, passion and culture that proved so successful at Baugh.

We see ourselves as a customer service business that specializes in commercial construction. Our passion is creating the finest, most responsive and efficient construction company in Western Washington.

In order to achieve this, we believe that communication is critical to both a successful project and relationship with the project owner and stakeholders. Without a solid understanding of a client’s goals, a contractor cannot meet them.

Brian Bruce Bellevue ContractorDuring his fourteen years in commercial construction, Brian Bruce has worked on a wide variety of projects including new commercial office buildings and large scale tenant improvements. He works closely with project teams to achieve outstanding results.

As head of Bruce Company, Brian is fulfilling a dream he has had since leaving Baugh Construction. He is committed to replicating the environment, passion and culture that proved so successful there and building the finest general contracting firm in Western Washington.

Brian believes that excellent customer service is the key to building long-lasting relationships with project owners, subcontractors, and employees. He and his associates have a deep understanding of the mechanics of what it takes to accomplish major construction projects, but they prefer to think of Bruce Company as a customer service organization that specializes in construction.

In addition to building strong relationships, Brian Bruce understands how to manage costs, ensure a quality build, and meet deadlines. He is a staunch advocate of workplace safety and believes strongly in operating honestly at all levels.

Brian can be reached directly at 425-444-6696.

He is always happy to discuss your construction needs and tell you more about Bruce Company.


Bruce Company uses a variety of tools to assist in the communication process and keep the client up-to-date on the project status. These tools include:

  • Clear verbal communication,
  • timely and concise written communication,
  • spread sheets to convey financial information, and
  • gant chart schedules to show project durations and completion dates.

We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation and do all we can to maintain it. We are honored that every client we have worked for has hired us again.

Brian’s 14 years’ experience in commercial construction has led him to develop the following rules that guide and focus the business:

  • Conduct business at all levels obeying each and every law.
  • Act honestly and transparently.
  • Treat employees, clients, and subcontractors with respect.
  • Honor our commitments whether written or verbal.
Brian BruceAbout: Brian Bruce

Brian Bruce is a Commercial General Contractor, licensed and bonded in Bellevue WA. Mr. Bruce has a long history of successful building projects in the Seattle area. Mr. Bruce also provides expertise to clients for Field Operations, Office Management related to pre-construction consulting, estimating, scheduling. Bruce Company was founded in February 2011. Mr. Bruce was a project manager with Baugh Construction and was an integral leader for many large budget commercial projects.

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